Have you ever got bubble tea during uni? We remember in our first years, we would spend x amount of dollars on them every week! There’s just something about the experience of drinking flavoured milk tea in moments of being snowed under work! And the best part of it is devouring the bubbles at the end!

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Do you know anyone that treasures cereal as an option for breakfast, lunch and dinner? We surely do! This is for those who are obsessed with this idea!

We thought about what a cereal brand would look like if they heavily promoted it as an option for the main three meals of the day! Then with a bit of imagination and fun (Light bulb moment), “Yum Yum Cereal” was born!

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This is one of our favourites, it brings us back to so many memories! This is for the culture! You’re probably thinking, “Hey I just had that!” exactly!

We began to think about our asian roots and the nostalgic feeling when eating some sort of Mi Goreng. Homemade yet can be served at a restaurant.

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